Why your business needs custom painted signs in 2024

Signage for a business is almost as important as what's inside. It's your attention getter. Here's why your business needs custom painted signage in 2024

Why your business needs custom painted signs in 2024

By: Chris Distefano

July 1, 2021

In a word - culture.

A quality-made sign with hand-lettering and custom features says a lot about your business and in 2024 it attracts the attention of the growing number of discerning customers driven by a connection to culture. Customers who are informed by two trends - sentimentality and authenticity.

Sentimentality is driving customer behavior more now than likely ever before. People have been roaming digital landscapes for two decades and are drawn to the human ideal of what has been called the second oldest profession in the world. Artisan made signs evoke a sense of authenticity and nostalgia, appealing to customers who appreciate traditional craftsmanship.

Authenticity in current times speaks as much to the physical nature of a promotion as the origin of the brand it represents. Sure, those plastic A-Frames or vinyl banners from the discount center are quick and cheap but think about how many of them you remember from your last walk through the commercial district of where you live. Does your brand’s sign speak to these elements of authenticity?

  • Unique Aesthetic: Hand-painted signs offer a distinct, personalized look that stands out, conveying individuality and craftsmanship.
  • Customization: These signs allow for full creative flexibility in design, colors, and details.
  • Durability: High-quality hand-painted signs are durable and can age gracefully, adding to their charm. Specific environmental factors the sign will face can be built into the design adding to its longevity.
  • Artistic Value: Often considered works of art, they enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of a business.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various surfaces, sizes and styles, from text-based to artistic expressions, fitting different business needs across a range of placements.
  • Environmental Considerations: More eco-friendly than plastic or digital signs, they can be made with sustainable materials. They can also be touched up or repaired over time to keep the sign looking its best.
  • Brand Identity: Reflects the business’s personality, creating a memorable impression on customers.
  • Craftsmanship: Showcases a commitment to quality and attention to detail, aligning with a brand's ethos.

High Order Sign Services

  • Murals: Indoor & Outdoor - We can produce a design for you or apply an existing design you may already have. Text and logo applications are more common in business applications though we do see demand for expressive, graphic styles as well.

  • Signs: We provide a range of custom signage solutions, including exterior and interior wall or panel signs, A-frame signs, window and glass applications, and three-dimensional lettering and shapes. Each option can be customized with brushed or spray-masked designs to perfectly match your branding needs.

  • Wayfinding: While signs play an integral role in wayfinding the strategy and design requires an integrated strategy. "Wayfinding" refers to techniques used to guide people through an environment using signage, maps, symbols, and visual cues. It aims to make navigation intuitive and straightforward in complex spaces like airports, hospitals, and malls.

High Order Sign Making Process

Initial Consultation Discuss your ideas, goals, and vision with High Order during an initial consultation. Use our contact form to schedule a session and outline the type of mural or sign you envision.

Design Proposal After understanding your project, our talented artists will create a tailored design proposal. Review the proposal and provide feedback to ensure it aligns perfectly with your vision.

Quote and Agreement Once the design is agreed upon, High Order will provide a detailed quote covering all costs, materials, labor, and timelines. Sign a contract outlining the project scope and payment terms upon agreement.

Site Preparation (if applicable) High Order's team will visit your location to assess and prepare the site. This may include cleaning, priming, or repairs as agreed upon in the project scope.

Fabrication: Our production team creates the building blocks and fabrication plan for producing the sign.

Final Touches and Review The sign undergoes painting, graphics application, mounting hardware and final assembly, with quality checks and protective treatments.

Project Installation & Completion: In some cases, final installation may be weather dependent for exterior signs while indoor signs for new spaces or those under construction may need to be scheduled with other work taking place. Our team will communicate with you and other contractors to determine the most appropriate time for installation. Upon final inspection and approval, high fives all around.